The development of an evolutionary Intramedullary Fracture Fixation System

Axial Orthopaedics, in collaboration with The Mayo Clinic, is introducing a Multicomponent trauma nailing system to address the contemporary clinical demands of complex long bone trauma in the US market. This innovative system aims to enhance fracture fixation through intraoperative component selection, ultimately minimizing postoperative patient pain and reducing complications such as limb malalignment, compartment syndrome, and patellofemoral instability. Initially targeting tibial fractures, a prevalent long bone trauma in the ‘adolescent to adult’ US population with approximately 400,000 procedures annually, Axial Orthopaedics plans to expand into other common long bone fractures, including femoral and radial, accounting for 1.2 million procedures annually. Axial Orthopaedics, led by a functioning prototype developed by Dr. Christine Mehner and Dr. Toni Turnbull of the Mayo Clinic, will strategically explore international market opportunities following a successful demonstration in the US, addressing approximately 2.3 million cases globally each year.